Foot pain can be prevented with Yamuna's Foot Fix!
The Foot Fix is the newest book by visionary body sustainability teacher Yamuna Zake. If you have 15-minutes a day and want to live better and pain free, this book will get you there.
Did you know?

of people 50 and over suffer from foot pain

For 83% of these people that pain is chronic but it can be prevented with Yamuna’s 4-week program to healthier and happier feet.

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Say Yes to 15 mins a day...
Walk Pain Free!
Imagine being able to walk without chronic foot pain!
Wear High Heels!

Wear any shoes you want! Even those painful high heels you love!

Dance Till Dawn!
You’ll last longer on your feet and do things you didn’t think you could anymore.
What Foot Conditions can you improve?

- Pantar Fascitis

- Hammer Toe

- Bunions

- Flat Feet

- Fallen Arches

- Hallux Rigidus

The Yamuna® Foot Fix can be modified to your own abilities and tolerance; including being done sitting or standing.
Your feet will thank you!
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Foot power = Life Power
Offering a range of benefits for the feet and as well as the entire body.
Range of Motion
Enables people to develop greater range of motion, not only in the feet but through the rest of the body.
Joint Improvement
Release impact in the feet, creating greater ease of movement in the joints above.
General Health Signs
Arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory problems often show their initial symptoms in the feet.
Bone Quality
Stimulates bones to improve bone quality.
Nervous System
Stimulates and relaxes the nervous system.
Alignment & Awareness
Improves alignment throughout the body and increased body awareness.
FEETured Facts
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A visionary master teacher
Yamuna is a global wellness brand helping you live life more sustainably. Yamuna’s comprehensive approach includes products, education, trainings and treatments to help you become what you were born to be, the most perfect you.
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